Influencing the policy agenda for business, economic and social prosperity

About the group

The All Party Parliamentary Corporate Governance Group was formed in 2004 to develop and enhance the understanding of corporate governance at Westminster and to influence future policy making in this area. The focus is on promoting responsible leadership of business, so that the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders are properly protected.Committed to supporting, rather than impeding, business growth, the Group’s aim is the promotion of best practice in corporate governance. The Group acknowledges that there is no cast-iron template applicable to every business; it promotes the recognition that there are many ways for companies to create prosperity for their employees and shareholders.


Commencing its programme of activities in October 2004, the Group holds a series of ‘working’ breakfasts, lunchtime and evening seminars where key issues and agenda items are debated by members of the Group and leading figures from both government and business.