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The All Party Parliamentary Corporate Governance Group has been active in parliament since 2004. During this time we have covered a huge range of subjects aligned to corporate governance in UK companies. 

Our purpose is to develop and increase understanding of corporate governance through the promotion of a culture based on responsible leadership and investments. This enables corporates, and their shareholders, to enhance prosperity for the benefit of shareholders, economies and society. 

We are most grateful to our sponsors (many of whom have been with us since the formation of the Group) for their great support. Their active involvement in all our meetings and their financial support enables us to hold nine major meetings each year as well as commissioning research and reports on areas of major interest on governance issues. In addition, we arrange evidence sessions, when appropriate both oral and written, in order to respond to government papers. 

All our sponsors are listed on both our website and in the Register of All Party Parliamentary Groups.

Richard Fuller MP

Chair of APPCGG

Get to know us


The All Party Parliamentary Corporate Governance Group was formed in 2004. We seek to provide a forum for legislators, companies and financial institutions to discuss developments in corporate governance in Westminster.

Our focus is to promote responsible leadership of business, representing the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Committed to supporting business growth, the Group’s aim is the promotion of best practice in corporate governance. There is no cast-iron template applicable to every business but the Group recognises there are many ways for companies to create prosperity for their employees, shareholders and stakeholders.

What we do


The Group commenced its programme of activities in October 2004 and holds a series of ‘working’ breakfasts, lunchtime and evening seminars where key issues and agenda items are debated by members of the Group and leading figures from both government and business.


The APPCGG commissions research on behalf of the Group.


Meetings are open to members, sponsors and others by invitation.

Officers & Members

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Latest Research

APPCGG 2020 Commissioned Research Webinar

October 6, 2020
In September 2020, Oliver Ziehn and Philip Mackie of Lintstock presented the findings of the research they undertook on behalf of the APPCGG earlier this year to members of the…