Meetings are open to members, sponsors and others by invitation only.

(please note dates are subject to change)

Wednesday 11th DecemberBreakfast Meeting
Wednesday 20th NovemberBreakfast Meeting
Wednesday 23rd OctoberBreakfast Meeting
Wednesday 17th AprilAGM
Tuesday 12th MarchAnnual Luncheon
Tuesday 23rd JanuaryBreakfast Meeting
13th December 2023Breakfast Meeting
22nd November 2023Breakfast Meeting
31st OctoberLaunch of Lintstock Research The Non-Financial Crises: Out of Covid and into War
17th October 2023Breakfast Meeting
18th July 2023Annual Dinner
20th June 2023Breakfast Meeting
26th April 2023Breakfast Meeting
14th March 2023Annual Luncheon
17th Jan 2023Breakfast Meeting
30th November 2022Breakfast Meeting
12th July 2022Special Breakfast Meeting
5th July 2022Annual Dinner
27th April 2022Breakfast Meeting
15th March 2022 (TBC)Annual Luncheon
22nd February 2022Breakfast Meeting in the House
26th January 20222.00pm Virtual
1st December 2021Breakfast Meeting
22nd June 2021Breakfast Meeting
8th June 2021Breakfast Meeting
28th April 2021Virtual Breakfast
31st March 2021Virtual Breakfast
16th February 2021Virtual Breakfast